Buddy Shaw- Unamused

by Buddy Shaw

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Dead End 04:22
Doing time, my nine to five, Slaving everyday Breaking a sweat now just to get, a little bit of that pay He's the man and don't understand that this life ain't free He don't care to god I swear- A good goddamned for me (X2) Don't cut me no slack as I'm breaking my back Don't you dare tell me twice How many before me, how many to come Give the job their whole lives Its living hell waiting for that bell To ring out and set me free I'm so tired I wanna get fired But I ain't that lucky If I'm late again there's no promotion I cant afford to lose it now Curse you under my breath as you work me to death I got to get out somehow (X2) The only way out without a doubt Is to hang me up to swing Its no lie when I tell you I tried But it didn't change a thing The harder I worked the harder they jerked And bent me until I snapped Like a good dog gone bad, I gave all I had And I chewed my way out of this trap (X2)
Eve of 35 03:09
Past life remembered just like fading photographs Just think of all the good times we had Sometimes I cant believe it, so all I do is laugh How did I make it here alive? Please tell my mother that I tried Understand that I'm a man, I don't always get it right And tell my children its no lie You will never reach the stars without learning how to fly And so I sit here on the eve of thirty five Wondering where have all the good times gone Born to run, my fathers son, been running most my life A few regrets but man did I have fun Truth be told I'm feeling old and now its time for me to slow down My heart is pure my mind is sure that this is the road I go down I only hope that this will get easier for me to hold down 'cause it will hurt twice as hard than before if I fall down Please tell my love that its OK That was then and this is now, its better off that way A life half lived and yet I know the best is yet to come Will life be that different after today? As the sun sets on my youth, I find that its all good I lived it hard and I have lived it right, alright Too many lost befor Lets look ahead to all the good times we'll havee their time I feel I'm here to wait on my own Lamenting on the eve of thirty five Remember the past but don't dwell Look to the future and know that all is well Its not like we get a second chance
Why don't you take my hand Follow me and one day you will understand How these things came to be together Pieces of myself And if we get lost, we'll follow breadcrumbs back Until we find ourselves Because that's the cost of putting things neatly Back upon the shelf Promise that you'll leave things, better than you found them Before you go And I promise to give answers to your questions Before I go And if you're still here, waiting on my return Then I'll know for sure That there is more to this than I have ever dreamed of And I hope its real I will take your hand, follow you anywhere You want to be Because the choice I make, and the chance you take Will set us free Promise you'll forgive me for everything I leave with Before I go If I promise to leave you all of my best pieces Before you go
Unamused 04:56
Carry on playing like a gypsy queen swaying For nickles and dimes I get used Hear the song in your head and I'm already dead Though I'm under your spell, I'm left unamused Fancies and comforts, head games and pain Everything is for sale You've given me everything I've ever dreamed of But I know dreams can never be real The way that you hurt me, push me out the door That way that you love me, keeps me coming back for more Ill never know the reason, why I take the abuse Head full of confusion, I'm lost in love and still unamused Pleasin' and squeezin', the noose getting tighter The noise is becoming a roar A lovely disaster, that thing that I'm after But I only crave more than before Day after day and year after year We tangle ourselves in this noose My only hope when I reach the end of my rope I've paid my way, you cut me loose The way that you hurt me, push me out the door That way that you love me, keeps me coming back for more Ill never know the reason, why I take the abuse Head full of confusion, I'm lost in love and still unamused
My obsession is alive In fact it carries through my veins A total attraction is no lie In fact you might say I have a one track mind Its you- The only one in my head Its you- The only thing I need Its you- Take up all of my time Its you.. I need my fix and I want it now Don't make a proud boy beg for his sugar Now I'll find a way to make you want me somehow Now you know why they call me the big bad wolf Its you- The only thing in my head Its you- The only one I need Its you- Takes up all of my time Its you...
Dizzy Queen 04:54
Well her head spins around and she lands on the ground every time Well shes on the floor and I'm out the door but its fine Dizzy queen you're so mean that you chase me away But the sweetness in your eyes beg me to stay I cant decide on whether I'm through Dizzy queen of my dreams, you're making me dizzy too You're spinning out of control... Spinning so fast that the mood cant last for good Sit still for me dear I am here and I care more than I should Dizzy queen you're so fine all the time you blow my mind I never would have guessed that you would be mine But its hard to keep up as you're moving away Dizzy queen will you please just slow down, and wait I just cant keep up with you... Whirlwind heart and a wild soul, its true Spitting out destruction like a tornado ripping through I never ever thought id be treated this way Roaring through life but I'm in your way Its too easy when your breezy if you know what I mean Maybe Ill see you again, my dizzy queen Maybe you'll spin 'round this way..
Got It Now 06:48
It took all this time to make up our minds Was it wasted years or just for fun? If I'd known that we'd be here together still I'd trade it all for your true love Slow down, keep it steady Hold on tight I think were ready now Our lives made complete Were so close I think we've got it now Here we are- coast faster toward our future Don't have the time to waste hanging around no more Life is precious yet often short of what we need it to be So now's the time we're trying to live so desperately Don't cling to hope without some rope or we might slip Or suffocate the sparkle from our day dreams Despite the odds we found each other, So now we make new life together We only need things to go our way Slow down, keep it steady Hold on tight I think were ready now Our lives made complete Were so close I think we've got it now To carry on alone now would be suicide For I have more to give in life and love And though it seems the life we want escapes us So we rally, push forth and rise above One day soon we'll get the gift life brings us Nothing short of struggle wrapped in joy The journey here has made me weary Mostly bliss and sometimes scary But its been worth the heartache to be here with you Slow down, keep it steady Hold on tight I think were ready now Our lives made complete Were so close I think we've got it now
Stone Mother 06:00
Lone stone mother, like no other Sadness of a thousand years If there's still sorrow, after tomorrow May you flood the earth with tears Here the whole time, with life on your mind You found you're better off alone Been at it so long, no one knows if you're wrong Though your feelings turned to stone You bare the weight of your children's pain While listening for the heartbeat of man You lost more than most, but your still at your post Waiting for your love to come back All alone, on your own Its far too long All your life, passed you by You're still strong Cry for your tribe, and watch as they die Frozen to your place on the earth For the ones that left, and fled to the west You'll be here when they return If only you'd chose to follow that road And find your place among the stars Instead you sit still perched upon a hill Forever bearing all your scars All alone, on your own Its far too long All your life, passed you by You're still strong
All For You 04:40
If I open myself up to you I can only hope you choose To accept my only truth … Id give it all for you Every fallen angel was promised the world Yet no one sings for broken wings But I swear I will give it all for you As I self destruct, I can see it in your eyes And I didn't realize You needed better from me this time … Damn these faults of mine As I cry out To the heavens I shout What is this life all about? I only know- And we die at the end It ends the same, this one way game But while I'm here my only friend, I swear, I will give it all for you
Its in these strange times, we find our truths Which we cling to tight, too afraid to lose.... Left or right, its all the same We all need someone else to take the blame Place your ideals with the ones who lie Echo the anger that's buried inside Look inside yourself and come with me Trample anyone that disagrees While we are busy splitting hairs Our freedom is pillaged without care You revere your fool, your fearless pig How can you tell me that were great again? I only have so much pity for the blind Its not all your we've fallen behind I harbor the hope that there's still time Were forever divided down the line Now if I could just change your mind Here we are just fighting for our ways The great divide in our lives here to stay Red or blue, why all the fuss When in the end its them and us Am I supposed to play along? When I know in my heart that you are wrong I just cant hate the ones I love But its hard to love what I mistrust Why the hell are we choosing between two sides? Furthering the fracture of the great divide With only separation in our lives I fear we may never see eye to eye... across this divide
You may find my feelings for you buried down below Underneath the ruins that you made And I find if funny how you act like you don't know The reason I wont hear the things you say (CH) I know it was long ago I don't want your time no more And it just goes to show I just cant let it go Ill never forget the way you called yourself my friend Silk filled tongue just spittin' out those lies I thought that I could trust you but I was wrong again And something made me open up my eyes I caught you rotting and your devil made you whole And you think the world is blind But I could tell you that I wont be your fool You called yourself my friend for the last time (CH) Now that I've tasted freedom, so long far away Pulled that thorn out from my side Burning off the leaches that are trying to suck me dry Never more content to say goodbye (CH) Now its been so long that I've forgotten and I find myself thinking of you I know that ill find regret if I take that road Whats a foolish man to do?
Taxman 04:54
Let me tell you how it will be Theres one for you, nineteen for me Because Im the taxman. Taxman Should five percent appear too small Be thankful I dont take it all 'Cuz im the tax man. Taxman Drive a car, I'll tax the street Try to sit, I'll tax your seat Get too cold, I'll tax the heat Take a walk, I'll tax your feat Taxman!! Dont ask me what I want it for If you dont want to pay some more Because im the taxman. Taxman My advice for those who die Declare the pennies on your eyes 'Cuz im the tax man. Taxman. Drive a car, I'll tax the street Try to sit, I'll tax your seat Get too cold, I'll tax the heat Take a walk, I'll tax your feat Taxman!!
My pockets are empty Just like my soul I follow tracks left in the dust I'm just a wandering fool I left my baby in Tucson I left my salvation at home All my friends are dead or jailed Spare some hope my cup gets filled White mans blues have taken hold The saddest story ever told All I wanted was a chance But I couldn't get it So here I am Down on my knees I told my baby shes stuck Eastbound on foot, without any luck What could I do?
So Low 11:40
Darkness surrounds me, so I cant find the light Feeling lost and helpless like something isn't right Just how long have I been gone? How did it all go wrong? Feeling desperation, how do I get out? Searching for the answers to what its all about Finding only memories of sadness There's got to be an end to this madness I never meant to show this side I never wanted to make you cry How you stood by as I fell Wish I could tell you that all is well …. So low Thrashing and gnashing, my mind wants its peace Nothing but excuses, and the pain never ceased Onward down the spiral I go Is there an end? Ill never know Only death is final in its eternal embrace Line up all my fears and I will surely turn away I cant leave you here on your own I cant be the reason your alone Never wanted it this way I never wanted needing saved But there you were holding my hand Pulling me back onto dry land …. So low


*CD version will be available to order Oct/Nov 2018. For pre-order, message me.

*100% of sales of this album will go towards my little sister Samanthas cancer treatment and recovery. Please help by purchasing this album, donating directly @ www.gofundme.com/5ythre-save-samantha or by sharing this along to anyone who might be interested.

This album was assembled from a collection of songs I had written between fall 2016 and spring 2018, and recorded throughout this time. I initially intended to record a strictly "blues rock" album, but as always my other musical interests crept in. This is probably the most personal material Ive written, and a portion of the album was written at a very difficult time in my life where I was dealing with guilt, anxiety and depression. A lot of the material Id written during that time was eventually shelved in favor of more enthusiastic tracks. I feel this collection is wonderfully more vast in color and emotion, and is hopefully more relatable.
Like all things, myself included, this album is far from perfect... There are glaring flubs, terrible mixing and unflattering vocals.
I often need to remind myself that I am just a guitarist with obtuse ambitions.


released October 12, 2018

Guitars, bass, drums, keyboards, vocals and mess ups all performed by Buddy Shaw.
All music and lyrics written by Buddy Shaw, except 'Taxman' by G. Harrison (1965)


all rights reserved



Christopher Shaw Portland, Oregon

I'm a multi-instrumentalist, and I began playing music at age 10, writing and recording solo work since age 16. Ive put in time with a handful of bands over the past couple decades but Ive always maintained a loner musical personality. My range in style is broad, and id rather remain undefined as a musician. This is my art/therapy. I hope its enjoyed, and I really appreciate feedback. Cheers. ... more

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